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About Us

Perth Medical Pedicure by Love Your Feet - Perth's Foot Medicine Centre started as a unique medical service provided by our trained podiatrists as there is a demand for medical-led cosmetic foot care services. 


We are located within Collaborative Healthcare Medical Centre.


Perth Medical Pedicure by Love Your Feet - Perth's Foot Medicine Centre is a fully equipped podiatry clinic, we provide consultations and treatments for all podiatry problems from nail & lower limb pain through to nail surgery & foot surgery. Offering complete and comprehensive foot and ankle care.


Love Your Feet - Perth's Foot Medicine Centre was founded in 2014 to offer complete and comprehensive foot and ankle care in a friendly and professional environment. We share the same offices with general practitioners(GPs) within Collaborative Healthcare Medical Centre.


As podiatrists, we often encounter patients presenting with conditions that are easily avoidable due to poor skills and sanitation standards. The growing public concern about the standards of nail salons exposed in the traditional media had led to explosive growth in enquires about our podiatrists providing medical pedicure services & cosmetic medical foot procedures.


Our podiatrists already routinely perform general foot care for people who are unable or have trouble looking after their own foot care therefore the provision of a medical pedicure service is an extension of this existing service.


We constantly strive to achieve the highest professional standard of medical foot care and comfort. Making your feet naturally look and feel good.


Our Philosophy


Combining best evidence-based medicine with extensive experience to provide great service to our patients in an unconventional and innovative way. Our staff should be adventurous, creative and open-minded, pursuing growth and constant learning while being passionate and determined. We will look forward to building open and honest relationships with our patients with clear communication and integrity. We aim to provide a consistent premium service.


Our Billing Policy


Perth Medical Pedicure by Love Your Feet - Perth's Foot Medicine Centre is a Private Practice with a private billing policy.


Our fees vary depending upon the examination or procedure required. 


We would appreciate full payment of your accounts on the day of examination.


Hicaps is available at our clinic and your private health insurance can be used to claim against our medical services if you have purchased podiatry cover.


You might not be eligible for private health insurance claiming if your treatment administered was purely for non-medical cosmetic purposes.