Other Common Treatments Available In Our Clinic

We are a fully equipped podiatry clinic, we provide consultations and treatments for all podiatry problems from nail & lower limb pain through to nail surgery & foot surgery. Offering complete and comprehensive foot and ankle care.


Below is a list of common treatments available in our clinic:


  • General Foot Care 

  • Medical Pedicure (Please visit www.perthmedicalpedicure.com.au for more information)

  • Toenail Problems

    • ​​Ingrown Toenail Treatment & Surgery (Please visit www.perthingrowntoenail.com.au for more information)

    • Painful Toenail

    • Damaged Toenail

    • Fungal Toenail

  • Skin Problems

    • ​Calluses

    • Corns

    • Dry Skin

    • Cracked Skin & Heels

    • Plantar Warts (Veruccas)

    • Ulcers

  • Lower Limb Pain & Dysfunction

    • ​Foot Pain

    • Ankle Pain

    • Leg Pain

    • Knee Pain

    • Hip Pain

    • Back Pain

  • Biomechanical Assessments

  • Prescription Orthotics

  • Chronic Disease Management (eg. Diabetes, Neuropathy, Vascular Disease)

  • Foot Deformities

  • Painful Lumps & Bumps On Feet

  • Podopaediatrics (Treatment of medical conditions in the feet of children)

  • Foot Surgery (Dr Ji Soo Kim is our resident Specialist Podiatric Surgeon. Please call us to schedule your appointment for a surgical consultation. His available appointments are not published online.)


Please visit www.perthpodiatry.net if you require house calls for podiatry services.